新手爸媽的挑戰 - Facing Challenges as new parents 


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但這樣的想法在我們第一次經歷孩子徹夜哭泣的夜晚時,完全瓦解。我們竟然是多麼的無知 ,所有過去累積而來的學位成就、企業管理或旅經數個國家的經驗,在孩子哭鬧的夜晚都毫無幫助!抱著孩子迷你的身軀,我在公寓來回走動,試圖安撫他,竟然如此艱難且疲憊。





因為找不到一個屬於我的「村莊」,至少在這裡無法輕易找著,於是「小花-小小蒙台梭利社群 Petite Blumen-Little Montessori Community」這樣的種子在我內心慢慢深根發芽。

petite在法語是「小」的概念;Blumen則是德文中「花朵」的意思。 如今在對的時間,遇到了對的夥伴,給予了對的「營養」,Petite Blumen開始慢慢發芽茁壯!

A little background about our family: my husband and I both graduated with a master degree, worked many years for big multinational corporations (he is still working for the multinational corporation), have lived in few different countries and travelled around the world (we have been to more than 50 countries over 6 continents!)

We had been almost married for 10 years and felt super ready for becoming parents before my first son was born.

BOOM! "How naive we were!", this was the first reaction we had when we first experienced our child's unsettled crying/sleepless night. All the degrees, experiences in corporations or travelling prepared us nothing! Holding the tiny human being in my arms, I walked around the apartment and tried to calm him down. It was tough and exhausting.

Along the way of our son's first two years, there are moments that I did not know what was wrong with him. Numerous questions about his development popped up: Is the growth in the right order or is it normal? I often wondered how can I support him from the so-called "positive discipline" while trying to understand and deal with his emotions? With no family here, who can help us to transit, we can only search on the internet, chat with friends who may have similar situations over messages or phones. It was hard!

I know about Montessori education, but how can I cooperate at home for my child? How do I handle different situations from Montessori prospects? What is the balance between letting my child do it by himself and showing him how it should be done? I do have thousands of questions in my head day by day....

Even for myself, sometimes I just want to get out there and talk to people who have similar mindsets, sometimes maybe just talk about topics other than children and husbands. The transition from working lady to staying home mum, from living in Europe with a tiny community we had built over the years to living in Taipei alone with very limited friends are definitely not easy ones.

All of the above reasons have prompted me to want to have a group of partners. I remembered someone told me that "It takes a village to raise a child." Where can I find this village where I may belong, and if possible, a village where it is full of Montessori knowledge or "know-how"?

Because I could not find one, or I could not easily find one here, the seed from "Petite Blumen-Little Montessori Community" was planted in my mind ("Petite" is "little" in French, "Blumen" is "flower" in German. Today, with the right time, right partners and right "nutrition", it has started to sprout....